The song of the Raven

January 26, 2011
Let it fall to the ground with the tears of the raven, the one that watches over me. Let them cry with the song of the raven, the one that will soon carry me. My rose will fall from the ledge, as the voices scream whilst I step closer and closer still. The pain soon numbs my will. I watch it fall through the rain, through my tears. Maybe this is what I feared, all this time I thought I had lost myself. Though all along I asked myself, "why do I dare stay?" "Why do I dare leave" The raven now comes to me. He holds my rose in his talons, a black ribbon in his beak. The sky darkens, my life flashes, lightning splits the sky like a a shattered mirror. Thunder screams my name as I wake. In a dead meadow I lay, a blue rose to my chest, a single black ribbon holding light my hair, and as I leave, a raven sings its final crying goodbye.

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