The Aroma of Us

January 20, 2011
By Adriannadestiny BRONZE, Schenectady, New York
Adriannadestiny BRONZE, Schenectady, New York
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So many summer days we spent upon that hill,
Under the shade of the tree that had become ours,
Its roots dug deep within our souls,
The sweet scent of clover filled the air around us;
the tiny light purple flowers peeking out from their buds finally coming out of hiding,
Just as we had begun to do with each other,
We always came back to that place,
Even as the months flew by,
We continued to sit cross legged at the base of that tree,
Talking about the Future,
Talking about Us,
The summer sun shone through the vivid red leaves of our tree,
Softly kissing and warming our skin,
His blue eyes reflected that light like the crystal sky that peeked from behind the clouds,
The bright purple of the clover patches that now surrounded us only made his eyes look more Divine in mine,
We found ourselves on that hill top,
Hidden away from the eyes that had always seemed to be watching us,
Away from the World,
But as all things Beautiful do,
Our Love first Faded; then Died,
Many summer days had passed since we visited that place together,
But i have gone there Once on my own,
And amongst that familiar scent that had become the Aroma of what was Us,
I sat cross legged at the base of the tree; just like we had done so long ago,
I gently closed my eyes,
And as I continue to take in the Fresh Clover,
Time began to go in reverse; as all of the memories that we had made in that place came flooding into my mind,
I saw You holding Me tightly; savoring every last second,
I knew it was for the Last time,
I exhaled and slowly opened my eyes,
As I'd expected; and as I'd hoped,
You were no where in sight,
And I'd finally let you go.

The author's comments:
This poem was my way of taking something that was a huge part of what makes me, me and turning it into something I can share with the world.

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