Greatest Fear

January 14, 2011
By Anonymous

I fear not the pain of death,
nor fear the lowly human heart
nor fear the world of trouble,
of all the horrors you may meet.

It is for others I fear,
the blankest emotion carries its weight
into my blackened soul.
The pain of others' toil
simply puts my heart to boil,
Yet the pains of my own mean nothing.

Like our Christ-God before,
I carry pain for you, feel it with you.
But I am human, a lowly mortal.
Soon, it will be too much--
Deeper, deeper,
Into the gaping maw
with my final, fatal flaw.

The author's comments:
This was my first official poem (I mean, to be written in my poem journal). As you probably guessed, this is about my fear of others' pain. I feel everything around me, every emotion ("blankest emotion carries its weight). It is a blessing and curse for me. Also, although it was more prevalent a year ago, my own personal pain had to pushed aside for this empathetic pain. No surprise, since I hate myself, and consider this my punishment from God in order to purify me.

I'll leave the rest of the interpreting to the readers :)

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