Fate is chosen by your heart

January 14, 2011
By cqaitelynn BRONZE, OKC, Oklahoma
cqaitelynn BRONZE, OKC, Oklahoma
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She was his to love
She was his to cherish
She was his to hold
She was his to care for.
He left her with no word of goodbye.
Not a word.

Days passed
Tears fell
Rain storms stayed.
Her heart was shattered.
He walked out of her life with out a word.

She met a boy, sweet as can be.
He made her laugh
He got her to smile from her lonely lips
Not once did she weep
No tears from memories
No tears of anger
No tears of pain
No tears of sorrow
Not a single drop

The boy she once loved was trying to walk back into her life.
As he came back, she realized they had many things in common.
Both made her laugh
Both make her smile visible
Both had weird minds
Both knew things no one else knew.
Only the first boy knew more than the second
The second boy knew things about her the first would never know
But one made her cry

She longed for the first
And longed for the second as well
But she found she could only have one
She compared them again.
Then once more she compared.
Her heart loved both
But her heart only truly loved one
It desired many,
Lusted for more
But her heart could only hold enough love for one.

Upon the day she was to have chosen who she was not ready
Her mind was blank.
Her conscience was quiet as a mouse
Her heart would not tell who was to be loved

She could not bare the thought of choosing neither
She knew what it was like to be single and unloved
She hated the very thought of it.

The sun was setting.
Night was coming.
The moon was calling.
The blood red sky chose her fate.

The boys waited by her door.
She never showed.
“Where is thy lady” the first love said at his wits end
“She may be fasting” the second said patiently

As they waited, they knew not of her lateness
The blood in the sky told of her absence
But they paid no attention.

Her last words were the name of the one she truly loved.
Her first love showed her trust
Her second showed her true happiness.

She knew trust was better than happiness.
A relationship shall not survive on happiness alone
Trust was a key element.
She trusted the first
She was happy was the second,
But she felt no trust for him.

As she fell her heart chose her first love.
The boys would never know of her choice
But they could tell that the first was chosen
For her heart would always be his.

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