Love, what is thy meaning?

January 14, 2011
By cqaitelynn BRONZE, OKC, Oklahoma
cqaitelynn BRONZE, OKC, Oklahoma
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Love, what is thy meaning?
Passion as well as love comes from the heart
Is that thy meaning?

Love is an emotion
Is this thy meaning?
Beauty is what comes from the inside not the out
Is that thy meaning?

People throw “love” around with out knowing the true meaning
Is love just a word to be used whenever?
You hear that love is cute
Is it?

Some say love is his to give
What if I don’t find him?
Romance, does it come from true love or just love?
Is romance the passion and lust that you see with Romeo and Juliet?
Or Tristan and Isolde?
Or is that love?

Thy nobility is a gift from thy Greek gods
Thy art blessed with love, passion, beauty, nobility, and romance.
If we are blessed with love,
What is thy true meaning?

Is love art?
Is love noble?
As I ask, I want a true answer
Love, what is thy meaning?

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