Just Read It??

January 25, 2011
Headphones check,
The song: I Made it (cash money)Kevin Rodulf check,
Black Shorts,Black Beater,White Long Sleeve Shirt check,
n last but not least the Jordans check,

Now im ready!!
standin in the middle of the court, feelin lyke ur number one runnin back n forth, feelin lyke their flyin on the floor, dribblin tha b-ball on the floor, push ur self harder and harder, fakes right sets up and score thats how u do it... now pass now dribble lookin to see whos open, there there!! they got it 3 pointer n swoosh... there ya go! Now their roll'in, dribbling down the court more lyke flyin... then darn-it u got it stolein...kid goes up but ur frends got ur back .... and dang rejection kid got stuffed...lol thats right gett outa there... ur one ur a family on the court off the court...
to be continued....

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