Light Brown Eyes

January 25, 2011
Many years I’ve spent with you.
Never a second I regret.
Next to you I feel I belong.
Unable to keep my eyes off of you,
I see your light brown eyes,
As a reminder of your perfection.

Your smile, your laugh,
Your touch, your kiss.
The way you say,
“I love you babe”
With those light brown eyes,
I know your mine and mine alone.

Time and time again,
I tell you just one thing.
Life without you would be quite horrid.
I kiss your lips ever so slightly.
While those light brown eyes,
Gaze into mine.

Not a flaw I can see.
Such a perfect girl.
The years with you just can’t be better.
Day in and day out,
I see those light brown eyes,
Always gazing right at me.

Decades pass,
You are my love.
Growing old and loving more,
Soon, you finally go.
Those light brown eyes,
Are gone for good.

Heartbroken I am.
Crying morn’ to dawn,
You, my only love,
Have left me alone.
Those light brown eyes,
I miss the most.

The days drag by,
The pain just grows.
Until one day
With the sound of a shot,
Your light brown eyes,
I see again.

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