Creation and Relax

January 23, 2011
By KatCuenca BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
KatCuenca BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Sprung forward, came the man
Child in the womb
Fell from self he said
As population rose
All became the One
But Self he said he missed the most

Like the clatter of everyday life, it became expected. The rituals that drew itself onto this huge map called “Life” were rituals not to be taken lightly but of course done in an unconscious manner. This she hated the most, the redundant steps deemed necessary by those that named your block, those that gave you life, even those that ran the convenience store by your house. So why can't we just disappear by the snap of a finger, in an instant? She could hear a faint noise making its sound known above the blasting music, she recognized that tone. Words weren't necessary at this point; all she needed was to listen to the sounds, all she needed to know exactly what someone wanted from her. She rolled her eyes and climbed out of bed giving the cheap glow in the dark stars on her ceiling one last glance, except now she no longer gazed at them in wonder and expectation. They had become just decoration masking the ugly on the walls like every other tacky thing her mom bought, even the layer of paint she looked at in distaste. She made her way to the irritating sound of her mother's voice and closed the door behind her.

Shoulders slumped back
It's simpler now
Awaken from this nightmare
Emerge into your newest reverie
Sweet Exhale, remain completely unaware

Heavy breathing, breathing, breathes, slower now, pace yourself. Sweat trickles down your face and you taste it when it slithers past your tongue. Running past the branches of uprooted trees and you almost trip on those unsightly roots with arms so warped and fingers long and lean. You continue to run and brush by almost as if taken by the subtle breeze; without notice you can no longer see your legs, you've reached an unthinkable speed. Maybe you'll reach the end towards a brighter beginning? Yes, the girl often daydreamed and with a steady sigh she closed her eyes once more. She replayed this scene over and over again.

The author's comments:
This piece was created for a project due in my creative writing class. I was torn between writing a short story or a poem. I wanted to use a piece of music by a classical composer and create words to go along with the song as i played it but it became so frustrating that i found myself cutting the piece into two sections. From those two sections sprung both poems Creation and Relax. I felt that the pieces needed a tiny written part in which both could in some ways be applied too. In both Creation and Relax, the pieces following include unnamed girls, in fact they may both be the same girl but i know that within both pieces lies a reflection of myself and my own voice speaking about how i view my world and myself.

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