January 23, 2011
By YoLIVEo GOLD, Hamilton, Montana
YoLIVEo GOLD, Hamilton, Montana
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I dont know how long I will last
The days cahnge
and so do I
paths are taken that have not been taken befor
will I live?
My friends have changed
I have gotten new ones
and kep the old
But will my love of them last?
I have changed
and so has the world around me
the beauty of every thing that does exsist
But, magik is the same
I am as strong as ever in my heart
I can take on more
No tear of mine will drop to the ground
No blood of mine will be drawn
How can I take the pain of it
The pain of the hurt
But I must be strong
I have to or else I will die
But, I will fight to the end
And we shall call upon new friends
Ones with power
from the past that still linger
and air, fire,earth,water, and spirit must unit agian
and mabey then we can live
If we can create us
If we can relize we need protecters
more people of strength
then the black will shrink
And mabey it will leave me alone
Leave me alone
Leave my friends alone
leave my life alone,
hey, just mabey

The author's comments:
"Idk what it is about but...yeh"

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