The Days of Yore

January 23, 2011
By AmanAhuja PLATINUM, Dubai, Other
AmanAhuja PLATINUM, Dubai, Other
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The days of yore were bright

lit by the mighty lamp's glows-

the days of yore were ours

when none needed a cure.

The days of yore were pleasant,

dripping with the essence of love-

the days of yore were those with breeze

when air seemed fresh like dew.

The days of yore were dreams

that stood fulfilled with joy-

the days of yore were happiness

when no tear could ever rejoice.

The days of yore knew us,

We lived in a land we knew-

the days of yore saw friendship,

In its bounteous joys aglow.

The days of yore were of laughter

when innocence seemed the world.

The days of yore could have been forever

but we moved on for good.

And now we look back

at those days of glory-

with fresh minds, curiosity

when we would live for youth.

So now we look back

at the days of love and compassion-

we look back at what could have been

and at what stands today.

Yet now we look back

No regrets we can trace-

the way we danced to the song of spirit

and how we glowed with nerves.

But when we look back,

We wonder where it all went-

Those days of guarded passion

And that spirit to live well.

Maybe we all grew

From childhood to pronounced youth-

forgot to see what lay

in the days beyond yore.

No matter, we can strive again

and work for the future to become-

And when then we live,

We can look back and smile again.

When the days today belong to yore,

I hope our love remains,

So when we look back then,

No tear I have to shed.

No tear I have to shed,

Never the past regret,

No mistake ever face

And no heartbreak to forget.

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