January 18, 2011
By Anonymous

You're tall
Tall like the tall tales my momma told me not to tell
Not to tell
Like the things you say, like "crap"
That I'm not supposed to say
Like the TV shows you watch
That I’m not supposed to see

So someone tell me why I like it when you smile at me
Why I feel like I can’t breathe
Can someone tell me why I got all these butterflies?
When I’m with you, I could fly
(If you can fly while you fall...
‘cause I’m falling for you)

No, you’re not what I expected.
But you’re everything I’ve hoped for.

I’m confused.
Seems you’re the antithesis to my dreams
But I think you like me...

And my momma told me not to...
Not to date someone like you.
Not to be someone like you.


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