this one has a happy ending

January 17, 2011
forever he lives in pain and regret
remembering the things he cannot forget
he thinks he's guarded
he's an open book instead
he's losing this fight
with a heart that's bandaged by thread
he's afraid to let his guard down
he's afraid of whats around
so he'll continue to walk
through life with his head down
the beating of his broken heart
now chained and locked away
he hears much louder through the night
what he never dared to say

I thought the perfect combination
was his heart and mine
but I decided not to look
before I took the dive
the idea of what we could have been
will always haunt my mind
I didn't care to look
at all the misleading signs
so I guess It's just best
to leave it all behind
and save my heart for someone
who might actually try

boy meets girl
they tell their stories
expressing love,pain,
and all their worries
and for the first time in life
they start to believe
that life will get better,
and together
love is what they could achieve

his walls came down
he let love out
he learned what happiness was all about
he saw her face a shining star
his heart gracefully
fell back into place

she felt something different
admiring eyes
she no longer believed
that love was blind
she felt appreciation
happiness shining through
and she knew these feelings for him
would always stay true

So I'm bringing this story to an end
I hope after reading this
some hearts will mend
don't lose hope
believe me
love will one day
set you free

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