Hamlet Poem

January 21, 2011
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Dear parents
I write these rants

Has become a sore
And furthermore
The queens a whore
Claudius killed the king with taxophore

The prince of the dane
Has gone insane

He thought Claudius was behind a curtain
Even though he was uncertain

He stabbed Polonius in the gut
And it caused a horrid rut

And when Claudius found this true
He sent Hamlet to pay his due

Off to England he was sent
Hamlet’s death was the intent
But he was able to prevent

So back to Denmark he came
So Hamlet Laertes did try to maim
So he asked hamlet to a game

Winner takes all
For the stakes are nothing or all
Then the entire royal family took a fall

Everyone stabbed each other
Except for Hamlet’s mother

She did drink the poisoned wine
And for a while she was thought to be fine

Laertes cut hamlet
And so he was in a bloodlet

Then laertes Hamlet did stab
The the king did hamlet jab

And then the lives were ending
Though who was to take over was still pending

Then Fortinbras came in
And said “I am sorry my southernly kin
for this loss which was bestowed let your sadness be knowed

let me help you through this greif
as I will be your commanding chief”

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