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January 21, 2011
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And the Wise man said to himself,
“all that is broken must be renewed”
and so it arises, slides through the horizons,
slippery as a mermaid.

While the light shivers and the trees moan,
the water thrashes, thrusts,
turns and roils.

and so the sea,
the sea begins.

Soon after, the gods awake,
and taste the pulp,
the pulp of the moment
they hover, captivated by their own power, mirrored,
down below in the depths.

and so the sea,
the sea roams on.

The crevices crack,
the buildings bow down and break,
the cities tower in puzzlement.

And down on the street, we ask ourselves,
“What was it that beat? What was the rhythm that once beat so majestically and true, but now thuds so bashfully?”

and so the tide rears its head and strains,
the waves stampede and burst,
the Wise man smiles his omniscient smile,
and the sea,
the sea wanders on.

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