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January 9, 2011
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So I grabbed myself a pen,
and got a piece of paper,
I’ve been thinking of something to write,
for over an hour.

Its hard to concentrate with the giraffe munching,
and its hard to write when the lion is roaring,
this is not the jungle,
why are you guys here?!

The monkey says I should write about bananas,
and the elephant said I should write about the
of his ears.

The elephant seems to be conceited,
and the monkey seems to be starving,
the giraffe won't stop munching,
and the lion continues roaring.

The lemur ate my pen,
he swallowed all the ink,
the ant stole my paper,
built another hill.

Since I’ve got no pen,
and now I’ve got no paper,
I’ve been contemplating on what to do next,
for over an hour.

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