Silent Love

December 17, 2010
By KariLynn GOLD, Cottonwood, Minnesota
KariLynn GOLD, Cottonwood, Minnesota
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I can't remember
the last time
he told me he loved me.
But I've told him
I love him.
And I've never heard him say
that he's proud of me.
He does smile at me
every once in a while.
He'll hug me,
but not very often.
And he makes me feel weak
because I show my emotions,
and he doesn't.
I've never seen him cry,
but I can usually tell
if he's happy or mad.
Some days I never see him,
because either he's working,
or I have to be somewhere.
Usually both.
We don't talk a lot,
but it's nice when we do.
It's not an easy task,
balancing farming
and a family.
But he tries.

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