A breeze from the north (a cold bitter wind)

January 20, 2011
Coat collars turned up like canine ears turned sharply to hear the winds whistle
As it calls its own name in hollow accomplishment of making us so cold
This howling lupine current that ignores my coat as if it were paper
And drives straight to m skin to coldly slip by, leaving goose bumps in its wake
Shivering only seems to make the invisible creatures cry louder as it now dives in at you

Cold furious fury of a freezing tempest lost chance
Lost chance of being snow, of having its one time a year winter born romance
Its lost chance of making the children laugh and play
Its one chance of giving people one white, snowy, wonderful day
And now this would be mother of such wondrous glee
Has miscarried of her chance of snow and only lets sadness be
As it cries its frozen tears, and yells at the world at its unfair
That it is not given the chance, to have its snow shared
I feel for you oh mother winter, I truly do
But I must turn my collar, or I’m sorry but it’s true
I cannot accept your cold need, or I like your child would die blue

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