Where the Ocean meets the Sand

January 20, 2011
As I sit here on the beach,
My mind is blank and free.
I am unaware of how much time has passed by…
My toes gain warmth radiating through the sand.
Little tiny grains of heat are slipping through my hand.
Palm threes swaying in the whispering wind.
As the sun begins to set on the horizon, the sky becomes dim.
An explosion of peaceful colors above and all around fill the luminous sky,
Orange, purple, red, yellow,
Theses colors leave me speechless and I become mellow.
Waves crash over and over again.
The night arrives slowly, what will soon begin?
The taste of absolute paradise floats all around in the air.
The ocean brings endless possibilities that only end when reaching the sand.
Even at night, this paradise is the most relaxing piece of land.
I follow paths of footprints made in the sand through turns and bends.
The path took me along the water and there I watched the waves make trends.
The feeling of being alive pumps in and out of my veins.
This tropical place is even relaxing when it rains.
The moon glistens down causing phosphates to sparkle with interrupted motion.
The warm wind brushes against my skin and causing tiny ripples on the ocean.
Leaving the beach, I feel as though reality has now sunk in.
I promise to return here soon, but I do not know when.

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