The Dangers of Distance

January 20, 2011
Sitting here a thousand miles away
Its so easy to form the questions
I never want to say
so much easier to believe while I'm sitting hear missing you
your holding someone new
easier to believe
that you don't really love me
and the words you say are lies
with silent tears
streaming down my face
and you a thousand miles away
how do I know whats truth
when your close
holding me in your arms
through the darkness of the night
Its easy to wrap myself in the comforting illusion
that I know beyond any doubt
your heart mine and mine alone
you promise me your love is true
as true as the sky is blue
but baby I'm looking up tonight
and all i find are shades of gray
i don't want to think the thoughts
i don't want to believe it just may be true
I'd rather just look away and pretend i never knew
because i never want to let you go
because i love you
and i need to know
or at least pretend
somehow you love me too

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