I Remember

January 20, 2011
By Audra Kinney BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
Audra Kinney BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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I remember the crisp sea-breeze
That ruffles the beach grass
In long, hypnotizing waves of motion.
I remember the soft gusts lifting up my hair
Tickling my skin
And filling me with a feeling of nostalgia.
I remember the smell of the sea-breeze
Salt, sand, sun, and summer
Accompanied by
Memories of spending each day laughing under the trees
And swimming in the mysterious ocean.
I remember the salty grass
Swaying in the sea-breeze
Carelessly tangling in the driftwood beams of a fence.
I remember the sound of the beach grass
Like two withered hands rubbing together
Rhythmic and soothing
I remember the sand
Hot on the soles of my feet
And littered with small, black flecks of seaweed.
I remember the cool dark ocean
Lapping repetitively at my knees
And sloshing with anticipation
As I ventured deeper into its secretive waters.
I remember the salt water
That stung my eyes
Made my hair feel like straw
And left traces of chalky salt residue
On my sun-soaked skin.
I remember the sounds of the sea
The unmistakable gurgle of frothy salt water
As it crashes gently onto the wet sand
I remember that summer.
A summer filled with fireflies and lemonade
A summer spent riding my bike
And sailing around the harbor.
I remember that summer
It was the last summer
Before I grew up.

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