Missing You

January 15, 2011
Every night I cry myself to sleep
Over the loss of you I silently weep

The tears I shed are not of joy or happiness
The rivers I produce are of only sadness

I fear that I will never be happy again
That our friendship has come to a sudden end

I miss you to the point of depression
My life has little to no celebration

I wonder if you miss me as much as I do you
But that would be a silly thing for you to do

You're an adult and I a child
You're mind is clear, while mine runs wild

How did I get so attached when I swore I never would
I always knew you'd leave me as soon as you could

And now your gone and I'm so lonely
He tries to take my mind away but it's half-heartily

He doesn't care, and neither do you
No one does, I always knew

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