I Was Born Stone

December 16, 2010
By jordan11 BRONZE, Flandreau, South Dakota
jordan11 BRONZE, Flandreau, South Dakota
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I was born stone
Hard, cold, friendless
Nothing changes me
I don’t alter
Nothing matters

A thrown stone, alone
breaks the stained glass
Shattered, impaired, godless
Stuck up on the altar
Doesn’t matter

Without any eyes
I see all
I don’t breathe
I don’t live
I’m different
I will exist long after
They become dust.

The author's comments:
After looking at my life and bundling up all my flaws and skewed perceptions, I found that I am my own rock. I realized that everyone around me has someone or something to hold on to when life hits them--but I have no one and nothing but myself. This poem is one of acceptance more than of hate or sorrow. There is a secondary and minor theme behind the words, also. Like I mentioned above, I am my own rock. Therefore, religion has no place in my life currently. Whether I like it or not, I am godless.

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