If You Really Knew Me

January 19, 2011
If you really knew me you wouldn’t think what you think
If you really knew me, I’d change your mind in a blink
Everyone thinks that they’ve got me all figured out
You should hear the horrible things the people love to shout

But no one really knows how I go home and cry
How I sit in my room every night, wishing I would die
They think that I’m something I would never be
Why can’t anyone see the hurt soul inside of me

I am not all of those things that people seem to claim
Just a lonely girl, with an abusive mother to blame
Do you know what it’s like, to have bruises on your face?
To not know where the next big, black spot is going to find a place?
To have your heart broken, ripped, crushed and shattered?
To know that everyone you know thinks that you don’t matter?

I bet you didn’t know, my dad died when I was nine
I bet you thought I was daddy’s princess, that everything was fine
You probably tell your friends, all these horrible things I’ve done
You spread these horrible rumors because it brings you undeniable fun
Put yourself in my shoes please, then you would see
Nothing is true, but you don’t really know me
I bet if I told someone, they might understand
They might give me a hug and take me by the hand
If someone really knew, they might be my friend
Offer me a place in their heart, have extra love to send

But no one knows… they don’t bother to ask
“No little girl,” they say, “that’s much too big a task”
I really wish that everyone could see what I see
I really wish that everyone …really knew me.

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lexlex600 said...
Feb. 1, 2011 at 9:01 am
srry for things uve been through, im sorta the same way, ppl do the same things with me and my three friends ijust things work out for the both of us and see wat the future has got
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