torn apart

January 19, 2011
By , Houston, TX
i was going for a walk down the road
just an ordinary walk,
a walk i've taken a thousand times
but when i came around the bend in the road,
and could see you're house
i stopped dead in my tracks
i just stood there
i couldn't move
i couldn't think
i couldn't breath
i was frozen in my mermories
my mind raced backwards
and pictures flashed through my head
pictures, memories of us....
then a scream
of a child at play ripped me
back to the present
i turned around and all but
ran up the hill to my house for i knew that
if i had continued to walk
down the road,
through my memories, i would've broken down
and i couldn't explain that to anyone
so i ran half way home,
then i made myself stop
to straighten out how i felt,
to get my emotions back in check,
and i had an overwhelming urge to cry,
because you were gone,
because i'm stuck in this place,
and because i'm holding on
when everything is screaming at me to let go.

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