January 25, 2011
By PlasterPoet BRONZE, Northville, Michigan
PlasterPoet BRONZE, Northville, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"A picture may paint a thousand words, but a poem can paint a picture in just 10"

Like the cheetah in the safari, she runs away from me.
Every step being more precise than the next.
Me, being the lion, cannot catch catch up...
for the cheetah is the quicker mammal.

Every now and then the cheetah stops.
She turns to peer into the lions discouraging eyes
as the lion continues, hopefully sprinting.

But the cheetah just stops to tease,
so she rises back to her legs and continues onward.
This vicious cycle goes on for months, sometimes even years.
Until the worn lion collapses from exhaustion.

This is when the cheetah begins to feel sympathy,
and parades over to the lion to lay by his side.
For even the most troubled mammals have feelings.

The lion will lie in utter vulnerability
as the cheetah solemn comforts him back to health.

But when the lion has attained full health,
the cheetah continues on again,
leaving a trail of pebbles along the way.

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