Loveless Love

January 13, 2011
By indelibleink BRONZE, Bishop, California
indelibleink BRONZE, Bishop, California
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See right through me like you really knew me
All my insecurites around like a species of annoying insects..
all useless pests.
The mask of transition, covered by the mask of inhibitions, mental restraints
Are you willing to listen?
Memories of you like a comfy cushion..
All I ever wanted, look down nostalogic and haunted..
Can't shake this feeling.
Like a hungry and abusive parasite,
Its killing..slowly, but corrosive, so acidic, its pathetic.
Pulling on my heart strings
When did my Castle make you King?
Corruption in the Country.
Lets revolt, start our own Colt.
Reason SCREAMS "Off with his head!"
But hopelessly
love whins
"can we stay here instead?"

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