She Has It

January 19, 2011
Left shoulder shrug I just took it
Tagged the signpost Riki
Dare-stare eyes laughing already walking
away, smooth-choppy hair swish
Anyone would follow you like a piper

That girl, the girl. Does exactly is exactly, doesn’t try to, as
the only outlaw of the rules of almost anything.
Stole the world like that street sign with fingers that
aren’t filthy-snatch but almost claiming what is hers back
Avenue-stealer, heart-stealer, boy girl wish stealer.

Ever wonder why you write poems and I don’t
No but now we’re wondering why we can’t
seize her, be her, live life so strong we don’t need
words to merely chit-talk-natter about it
She’s shiny magnetic luminous like the
aluminum-green fragment necklace she twiddles
That sign she took she broke it she made it hers by
force but we’d swear it wanted it, just to be the charm
around her throat.
Anyone would kill for what she has but then again

She has it, and no one’s got the nerve
to take and break rules and make
anything like ‘em, adorn their collars
with the world’s path markers
fear no one and inspire no fear
only admiration and a little bit of

So vivid she doesn’t belong a shadow
She’s been ready from always
but the world’s not ready for her

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