Candy love

January 18, 2011
By Anonymous

Candy Love
Candy are made with many shapes and size
Some come with treats and some come with prizes
They could be circle, square, rectangle and even oval
But most of all, they are lovable and sweet to eat

Candy has different colors
Some are brown chocolate, rainbow lollipop, and others
They are many of variety for only a dollar and more
Candies is lovable but not huggable
So look on the front or back for their label

Candies are tasty and delicious
Some are healthy, and other is just plain sweet
Chocolate are sweet, but when it melted, you could be in big meat
But the good thing is, candy doesn't go bad for a while
After all, candies are sweet, delicious, tasty and just plain sweet

The author's comments:
I love candy. I sweet and some are colorful

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