Brooklyn Bridge

January 18, 2011
By SadieWaala SILVER, Batavia, New York
SadieWaala SILVER, Batavia, New York
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Imagine laughing by a lantern
cigarrettes and half empty,
half full, empty bottles tipped
over. Imagine kayaking through
the planets, Mars, and Saturn.
no fear of love or love or sex
or half full, half empty rustic
enclosures, drupped up and lovesick
composers. Imagine being perfectly
balanced and weightless, walking
the brooklyn bridge, nameless
imagine jumping and thinking you'll fly,
no, imagine reaching the other side.
How nice it would feel to have
a cold hand on your head, taking
your temperature, tucked into a warm bed,
no, empty parking lots and one stop shops
and wanting to turn all your words
into ash. Imagine me loving you, you can't.
Is that fathomable, imaginable, so sure
of you and your path, while mine's such a blur.
Imagine private conversations, languages
seperate from the world. Your eyes, our minds
unfurled. A world we can't cure, imagine
letting the day in, no complications,
no mind games, just love, no frustrations.

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