Got to Save it

January 17, 2011
Loneliness settles in my thoughts uninviting
It lingers in the dark shadows and crevices of my mind
I push it to the back, but the back of my brain can only hold so much
As I push the massive bulk of loneliness to the depths of my thoughts
Desperation, fear, hopelessness, and weakness flood to the front
In a mad scramble to wrangle all my feelings, and questionable thoughts together, I lose myself
I feel lost in sea
Plummeting into the cold waters, then churned back to the surface, only to be pushed back down under a wave
I look around the sea my imagination has created
The sea is not a sea of water
But a sea of my thoughts, my words, my worries, and insecurities
I look around, and thrash my arms
I see my hopes and dreams in words, sprawled out across a sandy beach
All broken, and misshapen
The image brings tears to my eyes
It’s shocking that imagination can bring such feelings to a person
I swim desperately to the sandy bank
I see my hopes and dreams writhing, twisting, yelping out
I swim faster, harder
Left arm, right arm, left arm, right arm
Gotta get there
Gotta save my dreams
Gotta save my hopes
My life
My everything

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