Broken Branches

January 17, 2011
By hurshikissx3 PLATINUM, Merrimca, Massachusetts
hurshikissx3 PLATINUM, Merrimca, Massachusetts
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your breath so taught against my cheek
your hands give warmth, if for a moment
and you let go.

Your words like ripples in the water
I can't, I cry, I'm still a daughter

But I never told you that.

I tried, I really
broke the mold
let it sink
fought the cold
braced the brink

My crumpled brows make yours repeat
you wished, you said, I'd have a seat
but I couldn't look at you

Your branches reveal something more
The images you made me bore
Still stop to make me blue

Our eyes, not meeting, trickle down
I cry inside, still not a sound
you'd ever hear
it's falling; fear

you whisper "it's to quiet dear"

Both his and my last words to hear

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