January 15, 2011
By emi-chan GOLD, Brownsville, Texas
emi-chan GOLD, Brownsville, Texas
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the world ended when you said nothing

So this is how the story goes
I’m nothing to you, I know
We’re just friends, only friends
I can’t make you think or pretend
Its fine, to have my heart shatter
Oh don’t worry about tears, it don’t matter
I’ll remember the good times, that’s enough
Maybe I can forget this undying love
Trying to forget you is the worst
Because you infatuated me, I’m cursed
My eyes follow you and are entrapped by yours
But you’ve never noticed that, of course
Or maybe you’re lying to me and you
‘Cause you can’t understand what’s true
I wish you could finally understand
That this love is the only one you can stand
The story is ending and I’m going with it
I can’t stand you, not even for a minute
Because you took my heart unwillingly
And you are fleeing way too quickly
I hate this ending because this is how it goes
I’m everything to you and you’ll never know

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