I love you

January 15, 2011
By Anisa_Dawn GOLD, Mt. Clare, West Virginia
Anisa_Dawn GOLD, Mt. Clare, West Virginia
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"Don't go Ninjian somebody who don't need ninjian"

Most people want to find love, but I'm happy with just a simple hug. And most people want to look before they fall, but I know you're there to protect me from it all. You're amazing every step of the way, and I cherish the moments I share with you each day. Most girls want their very own Romeo with a story to tell, but not me, I've got you, my Cordel. Most girls roll there eyes, and others, they despise, but I'm proud to always have you as my prize. Most people say I'm stupid, others dumb, and you say it too, but I'm still your "only one." You're my everything, the one I need, and you're the one I'll never leave.

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