That'll Be the Day

January 14, 2011
By Anonymous

The precipice I am standing on
Holds all of everything
My name, my age, my gender
They hang in the balance
In between

I can't see myself
But they can see me
And how I walk, and how I talk
Or who I am to be

Who I wish to be can be swept aside
Like they sweep the tiniest breadcrumbs off the floor
They put me in the storage room
And I can't even try anymore

Will the cold oranges save me
Or will they just sit and watch
While this insignificant speck of bread
Sits on its' cold shelf and rots

Because I have nothing
I sleep in molted silences
I watch the wall
And pretend
It's something more than it is

If you can't feel your fingertips, world
I assure you're not alone
For there are breadcrumbs like me out there
And maybe they even have made a home

I try to get out of this storage room
But the door is always tightly pressed
I'll never stop trying
Even on the toughest days, the toughest tests

Oh can you feel me, other breadcrumbs?
Can you here me scream?
One day I'll crawl out of here
One day I'll be free

Then I will stand, little breadcrumbs
And they won't take my legs away
I'll eliminate all storage room doors
And that'll be the day...

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