The Lonely Moon...

January 14, 2011
I Sit Away
In My Empty Room.
I’ve Become A Dying Flower
That Will Never Bloom.
The Walls Are Closing
Ready To Consume.
I Fall Away To A Timely Tune,
And Forever Dream
Of The lonely Moon.

I Awake In Another Place,
Cameras Flashing,
Creates A Fake Smile
On My Face.
I Persistently
Walk To The Stage,
With Every Step
I Hide My Rage.
With Each Step
Hoping To Hide The Past,
Am I Magnificent Enough
To Hide My Cracks?
The Music Plays,
And I Sit Down On My Throne
The Audience Roars,
But Little Do They Know,
Even The King Sits Alone.
The Show Is Done
I Step Off The Stage,
Shaking Hands
Signing Autographs
As I Walk Away.
The Smile Leaves,
As I Near The Dressing Room,
The Door Closes,
I Am And Have Always Been
The Lonely Moon…

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