Plenilune, the Can-Can Cat, and the Status Quo

January 13, 2011
By saltskin SILVER, Fairbanks, Alaska
saltskin SILVER, Fairbanks, Alaska
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The cat is a vaudevillian virtuoso,
waltzing and whatnot.
He shimmies and tangos, bopping
to an obsolete groove.
He’s on broadway, but we’re
busy watching broadway
on our shabby electric box;
it glows profusely.

Outside the moon
is at full strength,
casting shadows, not

The moon gazes
at us, as we
cram popped corn into our
cavities, dropping miniscule pieces
down the flabby entrails
of the ancient couch.

The moment is
so saturated with ennui,
we start to drown.

The moon applauds the cat,
frolicking about.
Unafflicted by the
pretending in the
adjacent room.

At long last, someone
attempts a word,
but the language is
We kill the television,
at some point,
and meander off to turn
our doorknobs
shut for the night.
But one is still left.

The cat
continues its

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