No Sun

January 13, 2011
Clouds fill the sky
Leaving a shadow on the ground
A darkening shadow
Consuming the day
And the air within it

Very little light is left and not much can be seen
As my eyes try to adjust
I see a blur of what had been happening
Before and the Sun vanished from view

Seemingly unaffected by the change in the scene

Out of the clouded sky above falls a drop
A few more innocently hit the ground

Few notice and think of it as any more than just
A minor inconvenience
A small setback
A tiny obstacle in a simple day of life

As more and more touch down
The rain thickens and starts to increase speed
People run to shelter

As sprinkle
Turns to shower
I wonder
Will the sun come back?
And stop the storm that is now forming in front of me

Water pounds the windows
Droplets rushing down to merge on the soil
Basins flowing into the flood
Sweeping across the land
Cover all beneath it

I find myself frantically treading water
Until a small piece of debris comes my way
As it moves past me I reach and grasp the edge of it
I manage to stay on this piece of wreckage as it stays adrift
I glance towards the sky and see
Not clouds
Overlaying the entire world above me
The shadow
Now extended throughout all
Creating one layer of darkness
As far as the eye can see

I look around me I see that I am floating among others
The new born sea has drowned almost all but the horizon
The same horizon
That I before believed the sun would reappear to

But as I look around me
And I see what nature has done
And I see the people
Calling out to the dark sky
Asking the sun to come back
Begging it to return
And dry up the floods in our world

As they are only answered
In silence
And empty sky
I have lost my faith in the sun

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