My Sanctuary

January 13, 2011
Just a memory
The splintery, wood path
The slap of my flip-flops against it
The coarse, wet grass alongside my trail
Light filtering through the trees
I keep running
My feet move quick
Away from the past
Escaping reality
Towards a place where I can be
In the present
And nowhere else
The sun chases me
Then I reach it
My pond
My sanctuary
My place to think my thoughts
I sit down on my boulder
My rock
My place to relax
I close my eyes
I fold my hands
Pure, simple nothing
I have a moment of calmness, peace
All I hear is the gurgling waterfall
Beside me
The chirping of birds
Above me
The thoughts
Inside me
I open my eyes
My memory dissolves
My trail
My pond
My rock
My sanctuary
Just a memory

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