I Am A Flower

January 13, 2011
By Anonymous

To be quite honest,
I am not sure how people view me before they know me
They probably think I am quiet, self centered
Something like that.
They know nothing.
I know that I am a flower
Still growing everyday
Unable to see what I am on the outside
I seem to only know on the inside.
Am I a rose?
A daisy?
A dandelion?
Where do I fit?
Maybe I am a tulip.
When I first move from an old environment to a new one,
I close up.
I become not who I really am
Quiet, shy, and soft-spoken.
But once I am watered and I get used to my new environment,
I open up
I bring out the real me
And show my true colors.
I sway gently in the wind
In no hurry to go anywhere
Content with where I am
I always try to be full bloom,
At my best no matter what I am doing.
Maybe I am a Venus Fly-Trap
When an opportunity to do something that I want lands on me,
I snatch it and never let it go.
But maybe it doesn’t matter what kind of flower I am.
I seem to fit in with the other flowers just fine.
But we as flowers, depend on the sun to give us life,
To show us the way.
We always move towards the sun
No matter what position it is in
North, south, east, or west
We all follow.
Sometimes I feel I am not an individual,
Not my own flower.
I can’t break free from what everyone else is doing.
When the sun is in the north,
I want to be different and face the south.
And when the sun is in the east,
I sometimes want to face west.
But I can’t manage to do it.
I have come to realize though,
That the only thing that matters is staying tall,
Not letting my petals, my leaves, my stem, my soil fall from under me.
My soil,
That surrounds me
Keeps me company from the darkness that falls upon me every 12 hours or so.
My stem,
The only thing that supports me,
The only thing that I truly believe cares if I fall over,
The only thing that is with me all my life and will always be there for me.
Then there are my leaves,
Over time,
Some of my leaves drift off into the wind,
And some manage to stay with me and have been with me most of my life.
To replace my old leaves,
I grow new and better ones.
Right now, I have five big, strong leaves.
Maybe six.
And about two smaller leaves.
I think they are pretty sturdy and will stay with me for awhile.
Even when I am tired,
I always try to absorb that last bit of sunshine,
Try to make the best out of everyday,
And open up my petals.
So maybe it doesn’t matter what kind of flower I am,
All I know is that I am a flower.

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