A Poem for Bri

January 13, 2011
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Met her when we were still young,
And I knew from then
She’ll always be my best friend.
So many laughs, so many memories
It won’t ever fade away.
She left, and I wanted her to stay
Months later, everything just turned into gray
She had something that she had to fight against.
And I’ve come to realize that life will surprise us in many ways.

We control our lives,
But our lives control us more.
They say everything happens for a reason.
So why can’t they give me a reason to believe in?

Sometimes while the world is asleep, and everyone is silent
I sit along in the dark, and just start to cry.
And I ask myself out loud.
No thoughtful guesses, no given answer
I want someone to blame, someone to take the fault.
But it’s not a crime, no.
It’s just how life is.

She didn’t deserve it; she doesn’t deserve any of this.
She’s too young, she’s too innocent
What makes her so different from us to be put into this?
She has many more in life that she shouldn’t miss,
I want to scream alive
And tell her to hold on and be strong.
I don’t want to break down; I don’t want to see her fall.
My best friend for too long,
I don’t want to lose it all.

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