Brekfast on a Hill

January 8, 2011
By Bishop_of_Kender SILVER, Omaha, Nebraska
Bishop_of_Kender SILVER, Omaha, Nebraska
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\"In today\'s society we sometimes forget to balance our hearts and our heads; this is the reason we stop laughing.\"

I quietly grumble and roll out onto the floor
David mumbles and turns, hiding his fiery head beneath the blankets
I quickly shower.

As the elevator smoothly descends, I think about what I’m doing:
It’s four in the morning and I want to do that.
I grab a baguette and some aromatic meats and cheese
I walk out into the crisp morning drizzle as I put them into my bag.

The majestic mountains circle around me,
Protecting me from all the hatred of the world.
A steady breeze floats in from the lake,
It ruffles my hair like a long lost friend.

As the base of the peak grows ever closer,
I become aware of a rainbow embracing the lake’s surface.
I stop to watch…
The longer I examine the beauty of those colors, I notice another,
No, two other rainbows also stretching their perfect arms across the lake!
My breath catches in my throat.

Eventually, I continue my journey up my chosen peak.
As I climb, my thoughts turn outward,
Absorbing all of the perfection of my surroundings.
The little forest sounds quietly embrace my consciousness:
The playful squirrels chatter overhead,
The mountain birds greet the coming morning with their stunning melodies,
I feel at one with this faultlessness, yet distant…

This odd union of opposites occupied my mind until I reached
My destination.
I crest the peak of the massive mountain
Right as the glorious, golden sun appears over the rim of the distant eastern mountains.

I sit down upon a large boulder and scan the scenery, trying to take it all in.
I look down on the little town just waking up.
I eat my breakfast among the little shrubs and gay flowers
That survive above the tree line.

As I finish my small meal, it begins to snow.
I begin my downhill trek,
Thinking to myself, “I love Switzerland”

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