Safe and sound.

January 12, 2011
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I’m so sick of all this alcohol,
And every piece of blame.
And every time I look at you,
Your eyes have something left to say.

And every time you open up your mouth,
Silence fills the air.
And every time I close my eyes,
I wish that you were here not there.

Beside me in the dark,
At the warm gates of hell.
And when I look at you,
All I can say is well…

You’re so beautiful it’s deadly,
Kills me with one strike.
And if I cut my veins and bled for you,
Is that what you’d like?

I’d give it all and die for you,
For the way you look at me.
And every time you look my way,
I wonder what you see.

The love that I have for you,
Is way too much to say.
But these words see so stupid,
But it’s the only way.

I’d give it all and die for you,
For the way you look at me.
And if I cut my veins and bled for you,
Maybe then you’d see.

My life means nothing,
Without you here to watch.
And when you were alive,
I swore to you you weren’t just another notch.
In my belt,
My belt of tricks.

You were my life,
My everything,
And up there in heaven,
I hope you hear the words that I sing.

I love you forever,
Not even death could change that.
I lived by the gun,
But you died by the bat.

I should have saved you,
Held you hard and tight.
But you went out alone,
Now you lost your life.

I’ll be beside you in the end,
Holding your hand in mine.
And I’d waste away with you,
Without any thought of time.

My life is going nowhere,
You’re not here beside me.
And soon I’ll be with you,
And the world will soon see.

Not even death could kill the love
That I have for you.
And while you were alive,
I wish you knew.

Youre gone,
6 feet under the ground.
I wish I could hear you scream.
But you make no sound.

You’re dead and lonely,
In this stupid box.
You’re hair was matted,
No more blonde locks.
Of the hair
I loved so much,
It was so beautiful
And soft to the touch.

Youre face was bloody,
When I went down to see you.
But I’m happy you’re not here to see this,
I’m glad that you don’t know.

That everyone cried for you,
As they lowered you down.
I could see it now,
You’re tears and your frown.

I love you so much, darling.
You’re safe and sound now.
And I’ll try to live my life without you.
I just don’t know how.

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