Take In Divorce

January 11, 2011
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Who decided on this
Why does such a thing exists
It’s so unfair
I’m crying in despair

You must separate
I guess this is fate
It seems like the ocean came from my eyes
It happened the day I really did realize

My body shakes when I cry
I unwillingly wipe my eyes dry
I get mad at this outcome
And beat my pillow like a drum

These long nights tear me apart
I wish someone could see I’m bleeding from my heart
But I don’t like to talk about it
Making me feel like a hypocrite

I lock myself away in my room
So I can take off this happy girl costume
I wonder when this fakeness will break
But it’s not my fault I have a heart ache

Look inside me
And tell me what you see
You’ll see my tears take it’s course
Cause all I’m doing is trying to take in divorce

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