The Hooded Man

January 12, 2011
By CharlieM BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
CharlieM BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
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A hooded man walked in your room
Held a gun up to your head
You never saw it coming
He pulls the trigger and you’re dead

Your parents heard the shot
They ran as quickly as they could
They find you dead on the floor
They never found the man with the hood

They searched every hallway
Checked behind every door
When your father found him
He couldn’t scream anymore

Your mother was left a widow
No husband and no son
So the hooded man decided
That her life might as well be done

So the next night after midnight
The bright full moon was up
She was fast asleep in bed
When the hooded man sent her up

The hooded mad was pleased
He had done what he was sent to do
He may have overdone the job
But it was done through and through

You see there was no evidence
No one left to inform police
So he will get away with it all
He thinks you deserved to be deceased

You did not worship the man in the hooded cloak
The man has a bad temper
So he made you good as gone today
The day before the 1st of November

It’s really quite ironic
On the day we celebrate the dead
Grim himself came above
To shoot you in the head

You would think that he
Wouldn’t need a gun at all
He is in fact the grim reaper
Skeleton and all

What the man did not know
Is that there was a secret to that house
It was such a surprise to him
That it make him curse and shout

Your family was quite sneaky
They had some traps around the house
Along with several cameras
You couldn’t miss a mouse

Your father was a secret spy
For the president himself
So he had super security
The FBI was called in with stealth

The FBI wasn’t stupid
They knew just what to do
So they checked all of the cameras
And saw the grim and knew the cue

So they sent out a search party
And when they found the hooded man
They caught and shackled him to the ground
For his reign of terror to end

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