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January 13, 2011
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We are a people
We are one
We are excellent
We are outgoing

As a people,

we are faced with rough trials that affect us and

our brothers and sisters

Why is it that we have hate and violence for one another?
Why do we cause genocide?
Why do we downgrade one another?

We are a people, a royal people
To live prospering with care for one another
That is how we should be

To be everlasting
Courageous, Spontaneous
Live, Love, Laugh
Work, Grow, Progress
Achieve, always believe and succeed
This is how we are suppose to be

I do not understand why we disrespect someone
Because of how they look, walk, talk,
How they be, what’s their need
We are all the same so we should start acting like family

We grow, we are bold, y’all know
We were born to manifest
Wake Up everybody, be an inspiration
Live your live, Live it well

Be leaders, be achievers
Be an example for all,
Everyone can be an idle
Be of good will
Appreciate everything that is given to you and make glory to it

Help out our people,
For we are all tremendous
We are one
We are a people, so let’s be an outgoing, outstanding royal people

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sethmeyerslover1234 said...
Jan. 23, 2011 at 7:24 pm
why has no one commented  on this it is worthy of a them this poem is a beautiful and a great example of how people have changed since elementary school and on to middle school. in grade school you could be friends with any one and play tag with a boy and no one would think u were dating. boys didn't care what u looked like girls weren't to in on being popular... sigh i miss that. WHERE IS THAT? 
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