Society's Knife

January 13, 2011
Lines of age that conquered his youth
Teary bloodshot eyes that never saw truth
Crippled from society, he lays with the sky
Dreaming with the night
The old man wonders why
What happened to the lights, the glimmer, the gleam?
The picture he once was
Oh, what did it mean?
Overnight success he had just begun
Closed his eyes for an instant
Faded with the sun
Fresh red roses that fragranced his life
Wilted and died from society's knife
Forgotten he was as he sits with his friend
In the cold midnight air, oh when will it end?
Weakly he awaits his journey to the sky
Society lives but the old man dies

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alicen1ndrland said...
Jan. 23, 2011 at 4:51 pm
Wow, love the ending--very powerful! Keep up the good work :)
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