Why Should I Change My Style?

January 11, 2011
By CaelaBaela PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
CaelaBaela PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
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Why do we bother trying to be like them?
We are so much better when we're ourselves
Why should I heighten my skirt's hem?
Why would I put my favorite t-shirts on the high up shelves?

"It's not in style or in season anymore!"
That's no reason for me to lose my individuality
My favorite t-shirt will stay in my drawer
And so will my favorite pair of acid wash jeans

Why should I change to please you?
You're the kind of person who gets swept up in the current
I prefer to just let it wash over me and keep me cool
Why let an over-priced designer jacket wrack me up with excitement?

I get more guarantees from hand-me-down things
I get a unique style for a much less price than that
I don't know what kind of joy a $100 hat brings
But I don't really care for the company, or even hats!

Billy Joel has sung about it
And here I am writing
It's still Rock and Roll to Billy and his bit
And to me, it's all just clothing.

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