Love, This is for Us

January 9, 2011
By HannahRose22 SILVER, Mount Shasta, California
HannahRose22 SILVER, Mount Shasta, California
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"Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must live." - Charles Bukowski

I remember in your car
When you told me the sound that
Airplanes make is
I knew there was poetry
In you.

These months,
They’ve felt like years.
And these days,

Well, I wish they wouldn’t
Go by so fast.

Some people,
They train their hearts to
Love one another.

We only train our
Hearts to love harder,
And to not break each time
We say goodbye.

Some people,
They talk about love like
It is all romance,
It is all sympathy and roses.

But us, we don’t talk
About love,
Because we know we have it.

And you tell me beautiful things like
The mountains are jealous of me.
The night sky is jealous of me,
But Love,
I’ll bet you
The universe, in its beautiful and ugly
Is jealous of us,
Because between each smile,
We hold more than the universe could
Ever hope to hold in its
Outstretched arms.

With you,
I never need to think about the things I have
Because in front of me is the everything I have

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on Feb. 7 2012 at 9:09 am
AngelsKiss PLATINUM, Paris, Tennessee
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You have the power to live another Childhood, so open up the door leaving back your doubts.

This is sweet and touching, I love it so much, maybe I'm just a huge sap but that doesn't matter when I'm reading such good poetry! It tells a story maybe a memory but the emotion of which you speak feels feel and that in turn simply makes it wonderful:) please read and comment on some of my poems:)

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