Passionate Kiss

December 6, 2010
By Anonymous

I stare into your eyes
They are slightly slanted
Which makes you slightly enchanted
Yet their depth are more
Than what I expected
But just what I was looking for

I place my hands on your hips
I set my sight on your lips
Touching you in this way
Almost sent me on a trip

Oooo your naked skin
So plush and soft
My fingers grasp blood rich flesh
With scars that tell stories
That just makes you more

Our heart’s draw closer together
Till they can feel each other’s presence
Your plump breasts press
Against my bare chest
Electrifying my entire body
Heightening my sense’s
The palms of your hands are cloud soft
You exhale a light cool ocean breeze
That brushes against my neck

On my leg I feel a trinkle
Of the river overflowing the dam
In between your legs
That my boat has risen sails to kneed the tide
And burst open your succulent juices

But I’d rather not
Take your honor, and leave you disgraced
I’d rather take a taste
We silently agree
We close our eyes
Moving in
& Trust
Your arms around my neck
Hand twisting the end of
My braid
I tighten my grip on you
Your lips are plump fruit

The lust you’re holding back
Almost tears off my bottom lip
And desire sucks on my tongue
Creating a flame
Of a Passionate Kiss

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