Its coming

January 8, 2011
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This world is going to hell
Don’t you see the tears on that child's face?
As their life blows away
As if it all meant nothing
Love disappears at that moment
And at that same moment just as quickly
Their never the same again
Heaven where is it
Do you see it on your flashing devices
On your iPod, computers and television
How can we miss hell?
Their fire pouring on the heads of the innocent
They run and run but it’s never fast enough
They duck and weave
But it’s coming
They smell it on their skin
It’s in the air its everywhere
That hell
Their faith is destroyed by the hands of cowards
It’s in their hearts
It’s that tingle in their blood
And they know hell is coming
What is your heaven?
Do u see money is it the material things
The car the house the flashy jewelry
Do all those things keep you from seeing hell?
His lip twitches
At her blood stopping scream
He knows
He doesn’t have to see
He knows
He feels his heart exploding
Feels the jagged pieces piercing his body
Pain pain the fire is falling down
The smoke burns his eyes
He knows its coming
He knows now of the hell
What is heaven?
Everyone knowing your name
The spotlight burns your eyes
You wave and you know of your heaven
Congratulations they love you
When the fire burns
They smell the smoke
This is hells only warning
And when it comes it’s too late
The little boy coughs on that smoke
But it’s the one who loves him who smell hell coming
He’s getting worse and worse
And she knows hell is coming
What is heaven for them?
A second chance
A time machine
A renew of faith and hope
A change of a story told wrong
How can we not know?
We know our heavens so well

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